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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Venus Williams Pose NUDE For ESPN Magazine Body Issue

34-Year-old Tennis star Venus Williams has stripped down to pose naked for an ESPN magazine photo shoot.

Graphic PhotosFrom The Abuja Mall Bomb Blast Yesterday

Monday, 23 June 2014

Caption This Photo!!!!

Smh for this girl....

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ghanaian Voodoo Man Pictured Kissing A Lady In Brazil

Yes some say this act is the reason why Ghana didn't win against USA, instead of doing his Job he went out having a nice time... How can one blame him when the fun of being at the World Cup is to catch all the fun, after all he is not the one playing... LOLZ

Photo: Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan Watch Nigeria vs Bosnia Match Last Night

These are photos of GEJ watching the Nigeria vs Bosnia match last night. They were shared by his aide, Reuben Abati...... Photo continues.......

Photos: Vincent Enyeama Pictured With His Beautiful Wife (Promise) And Kids

Nigerian goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama recently shared a photos of his Beautiful wife and lovely kid online...

How It All Started For Him
I could be wrong but i believe it all started when this Lad went back to Akwa Ibom State and proposed to his dream girl (Promise). Rumour had it that the nigerian goalie was good friends with her in the university (uniuyo) and when it all went well for him he had to ask her the big question which she accepted as well, and ever since then there has been no turning back for him both professionally and otherwise. That goes to confirm the saying that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing. 

This beautiful family must be what keeps him motivated

Let me safe you the gist for later, but do scroll down and enjoy this lovely photos....

The Lies About Orgasms and Why You Shouldn’t Fake Them


When you go on the internet today and try to find facts about orgasms, the first thing you’ll see is some statistic that tells you 75% of women do not, cannot or have not attained orgasms. Usually, they would say “according to a recent study”. But nobody seems to tell you who did that particular study or gives you a link to the researcher’s webpage. There is nothing concrete from any of those websites but only what they have written. It will do you well, ladies, to not believe those stats.

Singer Fally Ipupa Posts NAK3D Photos Of Samuel Eto’o’s Ex Girlfriend Online

DR Congo’s bad boy Fally Ipupa has been termed a “Wicked Fool” by many Cameroonian media sites after he allegedly

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Leaux - Problems Ft. IcePrince

Karruche Tran Shows Off Her B00bs At 'Free The Nipple' Event

Guess what fashion has brought alive?

Ladies, Would You Rock This C-string?

Sometimes you feel you've seen it all and then bam!! you're hit you with something else! Lol. So there's a new panty - for women and erh...some special men - called C-string, that makes the G-string look quite decent (see it above). The C-string is for those who don't want panty lines but also don't want to go out naked. The C-string stays in place thanks to a wire that goes between the butt cheeks. And yes, there's a male version. See how it's worn by men and women after the cut...lol... More pix below.....

Wizkid Shares Another Photo Of Himself And Chris Brown

Looking good out there.... The two music stars who seem to have developed a friendship after meeting and performing on stage together in December 2012 in Nigeria were pictured at a hotel in LA yesterday. See another photo after the cut...

Check Out How You Football Stars Chill With Their Women

In the heat of this world cup, i felt i should give you a feel of how some of your football stars chill out with their babes...... Photos continue....

Wardrobe Malfunction: Jhene Aiko’s Breasts Exposed

R&B singer Jhene Aiko suffered a serious wardrobe malfunction this past weekend, exposing her breasts to fans during a concert in Detriot. Aiko joined rapper Big Sean on stage during his set when her breasts popped out, and according to fans, remained out for almost an entire song.

The singer wasted no time addressing the mishap on social media, telling followers that her accident can’t be construed as a full nip slip, which in turn also explains her weird nipple color.

See Photo As You Continue......

Graphic Photo: The End Of Notorious Terrorist, Mallam Husaini. Shot Dead By Military

A notorious terrorist who has led serial attacks on security personnel, Mallam Husaini has died in an encounter between his group and a military convoy along Jos – Bauchi highway.

Defence HQ, in an official press release today, reports that Husaini who leads a cell of the terrorists billed to operate in the Plateau is known to have led an attack on Headquarters, Police Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Abuja in November 2012. He also led the attack on military convoy moving from Lokoja to Kaduna where 2 soldiers were killed in January 2013.

Adokiye Says Boko Haram Should Deflower Her & Release Chibok Girls

Pop singer and Imo State Peace Ambassador, Adokiye recently revealed that she is a virgin, and now she is ready to give her coveted virginity for free, to members of the dreaded Boko Haram if they are ready to release the abducted Chibok girls in exchange.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fashion Madness: Ladies Would You Rock This Dress?

Sexy or Trashy?

Kim Kardashian Exposes Her Nipples In Wet T-Shirt

Kim Kardashian rocked a black bikini while soaking up the sun poolside in Punta Mita during a trip to Mexico with Kanye West. The skimpy triangle top was covering not very much of her bodacious bosom and the high-waisted, high-cut bottoms accenting her toned midsection and showing off lots of thigh and cheek. more pictures as you continue......

6 Things Women Think Are Cute But Men Don’t Like

Accessories are cool, and we know they are cornerstones of any woman’s fashion game, but there is such a thing as doing too much. A few bracelets on your wrists would be just fine, but anything beyond that is redundant, because when you stack your wrists with a never-ending pile of bangles that incessantly clang against each other, they create a sound that drives us crazy most times especially when you are talking and moving your arms back and forth.

Check Out Some Beautiful Photos Of Female Fans From Brazil

The world cup is a stage for football but i believe ya'll will agree with me that we have some fine gals on display... Well let me take you through some of them as we continue.....

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Photo: Naked Woman Causes A Stir In Brazil

A naked woman caused a stir when was she was photographed on the balcony of the Rio hotel the England squad are staying in for the World Cup. The woman, who was completely nude, walked out of the sliding doors attached to her room and stood by the railings. She then walked back to her room before finally pulling out a black lace top. Check her out below:

Say What!!! Rihanna Has A Crush On Ghana’s Kevin-Prince Boateng?

This FIFA World Cup has brought so many surprises and i think one is about to unfold.... Rihanna seems to have found her new guy at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Riri, who loves football, and supports Germany and Portugal (mainly because of her ‘baby’ Cristiano Ronaldo), had to switch allegiance for a while because of Ghana’s Schalke O4 star, Kevin-Prince Boateng.  See her tweet below!

Sex is a Great Thing, Buh Check Out The Types Of Sex That Could Blow You Mind

Great sex requires the releasing of tension that’s been carefully created, built, and simmered for a while. This can happen between two friends over few months, between two people on a five hour date or between two lovers for a lifetime. And since sex is about chemistry and subtle realizations, different scenarios could lead to different kind of sex. I know there are plenty kind of sex scenarios that turn people on or that appeal to them, and I have a few listed below. So you can tell me which one of these kinds of sex you have had and which you think is more fun than others.

“Kim Kardashian ‘Turns Me On The Most’”- Kanye West

Kanye West, was on a panel called “Translation: Technology, Culture ad Consumer Adoption: Learning To Read The Cultural Landscape,”. In between talking about what it’s like being a celebrity in 2014, the rapper said that he doesn’t fantasize about other girls because he has Kim!

Kanye started with saying: “She’s the number one woman in the world.” He said this while explaining at everything he does in his life has to be with the number one in that area whether it be music, fashion or his wife!

Then Kanye said: “I can’t be with any girl but Kim because that’s the girl I look at her pictures the most, I get turned on the most.”

Mrs Kim Kardashian West would definitely blush when she hears this. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Beverly Osu Shows Off Her Bikini Bod On The June Cover of HOUSE OF MALIQ

Former Big Brother Africa housemate, video vixen and entrepreneur, Beverly Osu is looking hot on the June cover of House of Maliq magazine. See more pics from the shoot as you continue.....

Fashion Madness: Kim Kardashian Steps Out Without her Bra, Flashes Major Cleavage

Say hello to Mrs. West who let her goodies all out there today..... Kim Kardashian was seen rocking this cleavage-baring black suit in New York City. More pics as you continue....

Check Out Some The HILARIOUS Respose From Nigerians After Yesterday's 'Nigeria VS Iran' Goalless Match

Yesterday evening, our dear super eagles played out a boring goalless match against what seems to be the easiest team they could face in the on going world cup. Check out some of this hilarious reactions from nigerians all over........ Enjoy!!!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Catch Kendall Jenner Showing Off Her Pelvic Bones In Her Outfit

Kendall Jenner and little sister Kylie, hosted the 2014 MuchMusic Awards and while a bevy of A-listers were in attendance, Kendall managed to steal the show in this shocking dress.

The 18-year-old model stepped onto the red carpet in this Fausto Puglisi long-sleeved gown that had some seriously high side slits showing off her pelvic bones. You like?

SEXY OR TRASHY? More photos as you continue......

Check Out Nude Photos Of The Croatian Players That Was Published Online

After losing their opening match of the 2014 World Cup to Brazil, all that Croatia's players wanted to do was relax at their hotel pool in the nude. Sadly, the privacy of the pants-less pool party at their Praia do Forte base was compromised by two Croatian photographers, who hid in the bushes and took pictures that have now been published online.

And now, the players are refusing to talk to World Cup reporters. Their coach, Niko Kovac, who is currently very pissed off at the incident told reporters:

I can’t force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families. How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you? They are adamant that they won’t speak to you lot any more and I don’t know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign. I respect my players’ opinion and I also know that you have done a very professional job so far but you blew it with this one. The whole world has seen the photos.”

Continue after the cut to see the published photos. WARNING: ADULT, NSFW CONTENT

Please Compare These Railway Stations; One Is In London and The Other In Nigeria

Croatian Players To Ignore All Press Reporters After Nude Photos Leak Online

The Croatian team at the 2014 FIFA World Cup have refused to tak to any reporters after they were photographed nude and the photos were pasted on the internet.

The team had decided to take a pool swim after its close and referee-induced loss to Brazil, which is when the photos were taken.

The photos were snapped by over-eager photographers while hidden in some nearby bushes, who then sent them out to various media houses.

Coach Niko Kovac was furious about the press intrusion on his players’ personal naked reflection time, and has announced that none of them will be available to comment to the press for the foreseeable future.

The Guardian reports:

“I can’t force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families,” an angry Kovac told reporters in the team’s Praia do Forte training base.

“How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you? They are adamant that they won’t speak to you lot any more and I don’t know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign.

“I respect my players’ opinion and I also know that you have done a very professional job so far but you blew it with this one. The whole world has seen the photos.”

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Kim Kardashian West Steps Out In See Through Dress

Mrs West wore this see-through top with a skimpy flesh-coloured bra to Kanye’s performance at the Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival in Tennessee. Check out the pictures below....

Is it sexy or trashy?

Funny Photo: Caption this photo!!!!

Very funny....

Do men still take care of their women like this?

Can you still find such men?

Friday, 13 June 2014

Say What!!! Some Men Now Rock Bikini? SMH

Get more pictures below............

"I have access to Boko Haram", Obasanjo

Obansanjo has spoken out again this time around saying that he has access to Boko Haram. He also mentioned that some of the Chibok Schoolgirls will never return while some will give birth in sambisa forest.....

Punch NG Reads: 

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo said on Thursday that he could reach out to the violent Islamic sect, Boko Haram, over the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls by the sect, but regretted that the Federal Government had yet togive him the go ahead.

Obasanjo,in an interview on the Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation, monitored in Kaduna, said he had a communication link with the sect, expressing the fears that the more than 200 abducted girls might never return again.

He said the terror group might release some of the girls that might be pregnant and finding it difficult to cater for the babies in the forest.

He noted that the girls might have been divided into groups and not likely to be at the same location.

The former President said, “I believe that some of them will never return. We will still be hearing about them many years from now. Some willgive birth, but if they cannot take care of them in the forest, they may be released.”

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Funny Story: Messi fooled by Ronaldinho lookalike

Lionel Messi was taken by surprise during Argentina's training session on Wednesday by a pitch invader he briefly mistook for his former Barcelona team-mate and friend Ronaldinho.

Argentina trained in front of thousands of fans and press at Belo Horizonte's Estadio Independencia, where Ronaldinho regularly turns out for Atletico Mineiro.

Breaking News: Cesc Fabregas Signs For Chelsea

Yes it is official, Chelsea and Barcelona have agreed for a transfer as announced by FC Barcelona Today...

It Reads:
FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC have reached an agreement for the transfer of player Cesc Fàbregas to the English club. FC Barcelona wishes to publicly thank Cesc Fàbregas for his professionalism and dedication during his years at the Club, which will always be his home, and to wish him all the very best for the future.

Guys Only: Spark Up Your Sex Life By Becoming A Pro At Foreplay

Foreplay might just be a means to an end for you. But for us women, having sex without foreplay is like eating a slice of pizza without cheese — why even bother? And since better foreplay leads to better sex, you should learn how to do it right. The thing is, it’s not even that difficult so long as you follow these five simple rules of the game …

GUYS: Check Out This 10 Fun Things That Are Destroying Your Sperm !!!!!!!

There’s an old saying, “Everything good is bad for you,” which means that if something is enjoyable — beer, fried food, loud music, you get the idea — then it’s probably terrible for your health. Well, it turns out that your favorite vices are just as harmful to your baby batter’s health

Even if getting a girl pregnant is your worst nightmare, scientists are warning of a worldwide fertility crisis among men, so it could matter someday if you’re shooting blanks. Here are 10 things you love that also happen to be drowning your swimmers by the billions — though, obviously, only an idiot would depend on them for alternate forms of birth control…

BRALESS BIG B00BS: Miss Bumbum Waits To Meet Cristiano Ronaldo In Body Paint

Andressa Urach, aka Ms BumBum, has pulled off a self promotion stunt on Wednesday.

The Portuguese national squad are currently on their way to Campinas to prepare for the World Cup, and Brazilian model Andressa Urach has arrived to welcome the side in eye catching attire.

Ms BumBum has arrived in a body painted Portugal top and figure hugging grey pants.

She also brought a sign for her favourite player, Cristiano Ronaldo.

See the NSFW-ish pictures of what Portugal had to look forward to when they arrived in Campinas below.

Fashion: Ladies Would You Dress Like This To A Club? *No Panties*

Another photo after the cut....

Girls, Check Out The Top 5 Male Sexual Fantasies You Might Not Know

This might vary as some men are different, but generally speaking these points are common amongst most men, ladies take note.....